Workplace Language, Literacy & Numeracy

Flexible delivery format to suit your business needs

  • We look at programmes from 30 hours to 80 hours, through ongoing weekly delivery

  • We use a blended training style - delivery onsite at your business and the ability to use zoom online live training

  • Customized programmes to business needs

  • We are able to deliver this programme New Zealand wide

When you invest in CAPABILITY TRAINING

you invest in the future success of your organisation.

You will change people’s lives. They will be happier, more motivated to help grow the business, be interested in more training opportunities

and more confident.

Literacy, Language and Numeracy (LLN) skills are crucial for building a competitive, skilled and productive workforce. LLN includes English as a second language, reading, writing, speaking, listening, numeracy, digital, financial and problem solving.

NZ research shows there is a literacy, language and / or numeracy gap in 40% to 53% of our workers. This effects productivity, confidence and career advancement in those effected.

Do you have an issue with language, literacy & numeracy in your workplace?

Use this online tool to help or contact us for a chat about how you could use government funding to support your employees growth and grow your business


Programmes are tailored to target:

Foundation skills to Level 2 NZQA qualifications

Bridging programmes to Level 3 NZQA qualifications

Examples of Measurable Changes from an Education Unlimited programme

Your business is rewarded by:

  • A more capable workforce​

  • Increased confidence in your employees

  • Increased participation & engagement of employees

  • More OFI's & innovation ideas

  • Higher retention & better in-house advancement of employees


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