Our Training Courses

Education Unlimited is a full-service training company specialising in partnering with organisations to provide learning and development for their employees.


The key is to work out what training opportunities will benefit the business and the individuals the most.


Our team of passionate people specialise in workplace-based adult education and training.


We use a blended training model which comprises of face to face / live online and / or recorded, from 1:1 contextualised training to small group training and larger supervisor/leading hand workshops.


New Zealand Certificate in Manufacturing

Level 2

The purpose of this qualification is to provide the manufacturing sector with people who have foundation skills and knowledge to work in entry level operational, or non operational roles in the manufacturing sector.

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Future Ready - Money Confidence


Equivalent to NZQF Level 1, Credits 5

​Participants will:

  • Set a personal financial goal and describe steps taken toward the achievement of that goal.

  • Record own personal daily income and expenses for the purposes of personal budgeting.

  • Apply basic financial management knowledge to either increase personal savings, reduce debt, or making sound personal financial decisions making.


Workplace Language Literacy & Numeracy

TEC funding can be applicable

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) skills are crucial for building a competitive, skilled and productive workforce. LLN includes English as a second language, reading, writing, speaking, listening, numeracy, digital, financial and problem solving.

NZ research shows there is a language, literacy and / or numeracy gap in 40% to 53% of our workers. This effects productivity, confidence and career advancement in those effected.

Your business is rewarded by:

  • A more capable workforce​

  • Increased confidence in your employees

  • Increased participation & engagement of employees

  • More OFI's & innovation ideas

  • Higher retention & better in-house advancement of employees


GoodYarn Mental Wellbeing

Workplace Programme

GoodYarn is an evidence-based, peer-delivered mental health literacy programme. GoodYarn has three key aims and evaluation indicators:

  1. Increase awareness of signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses;

  2. Build confidence in starting a conversation where you are concerned; and

  3. Improve knowledge of where and how to get help.


Write-Up, Speak-Up,

Be Safe


Equivalent to NZQF Level 1, 5 Credits

Write Up - complete an incident/near miss form properly and independently.


Speak Up - identify a problem, critically think of a range of solutions and present these to key stakeholders. This increases confidence and competence to share ideas, develops questioning skills and addresses low confidence in participating in meetings. 


Be Safe - directly addresses the HSWA (Health and Safety at Work Act 2015) to ensure people understand the importance of being safe at work and at home.


Train the Workplace Trainer

Workplace Programme

Our programmes are designed to empower your in-house trainers to deliver effective, consistent training.

Particpants will:

  • Understand their own learning style and develop instruction to meet a diversity of other styles.

  • Design and select training methods to enhance learning outcomes.

  • Be confident, comfortable and competent in facilitating learning.

  • Learn new techniques to enliven your training sessions.

  • Analyse their training style and the style and effectiveness of other trainers.

These fun, high-energy training courses are delivered by experienced professionals.


New Zealand Certificate in Business Leadership

Level 3

The purpose of this qualification is to empower participants to lead with confidence, allows them to become forward thinking and effective communicators.

This training is for:

  • New team leaders or managers

  • People looking to step up into their first management role

  • People looking to build their leadership capabilities

Site Safe Building Construction

Passport Extra

The Foundation Passport introduces key topics including how to keep safe on site, understanding your basic health & safety responsibilities and improve health and safety awareness of everyone working onsite.

Passport Extra also includes:

  • Participants NZQA Record of Learning

  • Money Managment Module

  • Teamwork & Wellness Module

  • Motivation and Time Management Module


Customised Training Programmes

TEC funding can be applicable

Your people are your biggest and most important asset. Developing their core skills so that they are able to be the best they can be. Don't wait until the perfect time, it doesn't exist.

Show you value your staff and reap the benefits of their increased skills and confidence. Fit for purpose training designed for you & with you - it's not MacDonalds!

Blended Training is the new world - a mixture of face to face / Live online / recorded training, that makes the most of today's new world.