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The EU team believe that every person should be able to have wellness in the workplace, Education Unlimited is excited to be chosen as a strategic provider of GoodYarn in June 2019.

What is GoodYarn?

GoodYarn is an evidence-based, peer-delivered mental health literacy programme. GoodYarn has three key aims and evaluation indicators:

  • Increase awareness of signs and symptoms of common mental illnesses;

  • Build confidence in starting a conversation where you are concerned; and

  • Improve knowledge of where and how to get help.

In 2016 GoodYarn Rural won Best Mental Health Promotion/Mental Illness Prevention Programme in the Australasian Mental Health Services Awards.

Who is GoodYarn designed for?

GoodYarn has been designed as a practical starting point for businesses and organisations wanting to address mental health and wellbeing.

GoodYarn has been designed to be relevant for employees at all levels and in all roles. In regard to the positioning of GoodYarn vis-à-vis other workplace mental health initiatives, GoodYarn would:

  • Develop mental health literacy

  • Establish organisational & leadership commitment & participation

How GoodYarn works.

Businesses nominate people within their organisation who have the right skills and attributes to become GoodYarn facilitators.

The number of facilitators depends on the size of the organisation and the number of employees targeted to complete the programme over a two-year period.

Facilitators are trained over an interactive facilitator two day workshop.

This workshop equips them with:

  • an understanding of mental health literacy and how to build it through the GoodYarn workshops

  • the resources and skills to deliver a 2.5 hour GoodYarn workshop

  • the ability to use a variety of adult learning techniques to communicate mental health concepts

  • an understanding of the individual, societal and environment determinants of mental health

  • knowledge about common mental health problems and how to talk about them

  • an understanding of the mental health system and resources available

Once an organisation becomes “licensed” to deliver the programme, their facilitators are provided with all the necessary resources to commence the three hour GoodYarn workshop within their workplace.

Employees who have completed the 3 hour GoodYarn workshops are given a range of useful tips & tools to help them:

  • recognise the signs & stress & common mental health problems,

  • build the confidence & skills to talk to someone when they are concerned about them

  • and know how to guide them toward appropriate supports.

It also teaches them about practical things they can all do in their day to day life to protect and improve their mental health and the mental health of those around them.

​​The beauty of GoodYarn is the ripple effect the implementation model provides. By training facilitators within the workplace, who in turn deliver GoodYarn to their peers and colleagues, the model creates exponential benefit to those organisations, their clients and customers.


In the process, employers have a product which can easily be embedded into “business as usual” practices and employees are firmly in the driving seat for creating the workplace culture they want to be part of.

Evidence that GoodYarn works

The GoodYarn programme is regularly monitored and evaluated. From the 5000 people participating to date - GoodYarn

  • is helping them create a more caring workplace culture

  • provides personal development to staff

  • is helping staff to keep themselves well

  • is helping them create a sense of contribution and collaboration.

And they tell us they love it!


A formal evaluation of GoodYarn published in the Journal of Public Mental Health in October 2017 found the three intended learning outcomes of the GoodYarn programme (i.e. Awareness, Confidence and Knowledge) all showed improvement from pre-workshop evaluation.


Wellness Programme

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Wellness Programme

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Wellness Programme

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