Many businesses don't know where to start to even look for funding, or if they are even eligible. 


Then there is the application process to go through before you can even start to think about the accountability that goes hand in hand with accessing funding.


This can be very scary for many businesses to even start the process.

The Education Unlimited team has worked with funding applications, funding accountability and deliverables for over 20 years collectively.


We know what works, what doesn't, where to go, who to 'know', how to apply for it, how to report on it & what's available!


And if we don't know something, we DO have a great network that can help us find out what is out there.

Your people are your biggest and most important asset. Developing their core skills so that they are able to be the best they can be. Don't wait until the perfect time, it doesn't exist.


EU does the heavy lifting for you:

  • Writes the funding application

  • Designs and delivers the training

  • Reports to the funder

  • Recommends and supports you to make sustainable change

  • Shares best practice and walks alongside your people the whole way 

  • Mana In Mahi

  • Skills for Industry

  • Cultural Initiatives & Programmes

  • Mentor Programme

  • Workplace Literacy & Education

What Clients say about the process

“It has made me more safety conscious and aware of the company money that is easily wasted on materials and tools therefore I'm really consciously alert about wastage of materials on site in order to minimise wastage to safe a dollar or two for the company.” 

“I have learned to be more patient and to have a work and life at home relationship (I don't bring work home).  My family life is awesome now. “

“There’s definitely forward movement in the company as a whole because of all this training.  We can feel it happening.  Production and attitude: that’s really good.”


Tina Rose


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