You’ve heard of degrees, diplomas and certificates, now get ready to add micro-credentials to the qualifications mix.


Micro-credentials are small, stand-alone credentials that certify the achievement of specific skills, experience or knowledge.

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They will make it easier for anyone to retrain, upskill or return to the workforce quickly and cost effectively.

Write Up - complete an incident/near miss form properly and independently.


Speak Up - identify a problem, critically think of a range of solutions and present these to key stakeholders. This increases confidence and competence to share ideas, develops questioning skills and addresses low confidence in participating in meetings. 


Be Safe - directly addresses the HSWA (Health and Safety at Work Act 2015) to ensure people understand the importance of being safe at work and at home.

In 2018, we won the Skills Highway Inaugural Innovation Award for our fit for purpose construction related industry micro-credential EduBit Write Up, Speak up, Be Safe.

Micro-credentials are smaller than a qualification (between 5 - 40 credits in size) and focus on skill development opportunities not currently catered for in the tertiary education system.

What Graduates say about the micro-credetial

“It has made me more safety conscious and aware of the company money that is easily wasted on materials and tools therefore I'm really consciously alert about wastage of materials on site in order to minimise wastage to safe a dollar or two for the company.” 

“I have learned to be more patient and to have a work and life at home relationship (I don't bring work home).  My family life is awesome now. “

“There’s definitely forward movement in the company as a whole because of all this training.  We can feel it happening.  Production and attitude: that’s really good.”

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