Stand alone, fit for purpose NZQA

approved credentials

You’ve heard of degrees, diplomas and certificates,

now get ready to add micro-credentials to the qualifications mix.

Micro-credentials are small, stand-alone NZQA approved credentials that certify the achievement of specific skills, experience or knowledge.

Micro-credentials are a formal way of recognising your skills and knowledge in a particular area that employers are looking for. They are aimed at people who want to:

  • upskill, or learn a specific skill

  • work with technology that is changing rapidly

  • change careers quickly, without having to take time off work to train

  • get specialised skills that employers are looking for

  • get credit for skills they already have.


They will make it easier for anyone to retrain, upskill or return to the workforce quickly

and cost effectively.

Differences between micro-credentials and qualifications

Micro-credentials differ from formal qualifications. They:

  • have to meet a range of requirements, including evidence of need from employers, industries, communities and iwi

  • can’t duplicate skills or topics already taught in qualifications

  • are worth between five and 40 credits, which means they are smaller than qualifications (which range from 40 to 360 credits).

Calculate Savings

Future Ready - Money Confidence


NZQA Level 1, 5 Credits

Participants will:

  • Set a personal financial goal and describe steps taken toward the achievement of that goal.

  • Record own personal daily income and expenses for the purposes of personal budgeting.

  • Apply basic financial management knowledge to either increase personal savings, reduce debt, or making sound personal financial decisions making.


Write-Up, Speak-Up,

Be Safe


NZQA Level 1, 5 Credits

Write Up - complete an incident/near miss form properly and independently.


Speak Up - identify a problem, critically think of a range of solutions and present these to key stakeholders. This increases confidence and competence to share ideas, develops questioning skills and addresses low confidence in participating in meetings. 


Be Safe - directly addresses the HSWA (Health and Safety at Work Act 2015) to ensure people understand the importance of being safe at work and at home.

This is targeted training for people who are often undervalued  and who lack the confidence to speak up in an unsafe environment.

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